Meet the iconic Ambassador in electric Avtar: learn millage, speed and more

Remember the Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador? It was one of the most iconic and historic car manufactured in India for the longest period in the country. Ambassador car was present in India from 1958 to 2014 and be it a politician or a celebrity, the Ambassador in its prime was an aspirational product.

Now the car has got a new Avtar and its completely electric.

Yes! you heard it right, we have now electric Ambassador.

A team of youngsters at He-Man Auto Robo Park have installed an electric heart to the iconic car and now electric Ambassador runs 100 KM in single charge.

Young generation at He-Man Auto Robo Park has been behind the electric version of the iconic car. The young gen team has been led by He-Man Group of Companies R&D division head Ashin Jose, director Paul P Varghese, engineer Virmal Cherian and experience personnel in the company.

How it started?

The team bought an old Ambassador and its components including engine was removed or replaced.

What is the Battery Inside?

The team installed 22 lead-acid batteries inside the bonnet and boot. The 20kW battery pack provides a 53 bhp of power and torque of 275 Nm at 1500 rpm. It has a top speed of 120 kmph and batteries take 8 hours to charge fully. 

Once the lithium battery tech gets simpler and more accessible the team will switch its project from lead -acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries.

Expense in making the electric avatar

Total expenditure incurred by the team to make the car is Rs. 630000. The old Ambassador cost them Rs. 30000, while other work cost them Rs. 6 lakh.               

Return on investment ?

In 1 Kw the car electric car cover 5 km which costs about Re 1 for 1 km so it is ultimately cheaper than fossil fuel run cars.

Launch ?

No it is not going to launch soon, as it is restricted to the factory premises and it did not received the approval from the authorities. The He-Man group of Companies Ventured into the electric field two months back. The company is more focused on commercial vehicles.

Adding of solar panels

The team has also run the Amby on the solar panels and there were no issues but it was just looking little bad in terms of appearances.Back in 2019, the iconic electric Amby was in headlines stating that electric Ambassador Brand Will Be Sold In India.