Panasonic studying further investments in Tesla gigafactory: Report

is reportedly reviewing its investments in production. According to Reuter, the company following a Nikkei report that stated that the “two had frozen spending plans”, said- is studying further investments in battery production at its joint venture with .

This is actually deepening concerns about demand for the carmaker’s .

Earlier on Thursday Nikkei Asian reported that financial issues led Tesla and Panasonic to rethink plans to expand the capacity of Gigafactory 1 by another 50 percent next year, having invested $4.5 billion in the plant.

Nikkei in a report without citing any source said Tesla and Panasonic had intended to raise capacity at the gigafactory by about 50 percent by 2020.

Bloomberg citing the newspaper reports that Panasonic also intends to suspend planned investment in Tesla’s battery and plant in Shanghai, and instead provide technical support and a small number of from the existing gigafactory.


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