Risen Energy bags the National Enterprise Technology Center

Recently China National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Customs Head Office, jointly released the list of all national enterprise technology centers (the 25th session).

The ranking list is targeted towards high-tech enterprises who are competent in comprehensive competitiveness, technological innovation, and industrial leadership. The company in a statement said Risen Energy outperformed numerous high-tech enterprises from all over the country and became a member of this valuable ranking.  Risen Energy’s inclusion to this list is unsurprising. Partner with the world-class research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences and Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), US, Risen Energy has made remarkable advancements in solar technology developments.

In Sept. of 2017, Risen Energy’s high-efficiency twin-cell poly-silicon modules obtained China’s Top Runner Tier 1 Certification.

Risen Energy touts to be the world’s first PV manufacturer to achieve the GW–scale mass production for bifacial AlOx passivated PERC technology. In Nov. 2018, Risen Energy’s bifacial AlOx passivated PERC modules realized an average cell efficiency of 22.19%, with the maximum production line efficiency up to 22.51%. The company also claims to be the first PV manufacturer to accomplish mass production of 370W PERC bifacial dual-glass modules for “China Top Runner” projects.

Recently, Risen Energy’s JÄGER HP 72-cell module conversion efficiency reached up to 21%, and this rewrites the world record of PERC module conversion efficiency in Jan 2019.

Hong WANG, President of Risen Energy said, “Technological innovation has always been the key driver for Risen Energy’s development. We are determined to seize the opportunity of the recent industrial technology generation change and to take the lead in new technology development and applications. Utilizing the national research platform, working with our partners to deliver more values to our customers is our ultimate goal.” 

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