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Do solar panels and home batteries save energy?

The energy produced over the lifetime of typical rooftop solar panels more than makes up for the energy it takes to make, mount and then eventually recycle them. But adding a home battery usually lowers those dividends, according to new research from Stanford University. Previous studies estimated the energy output to be about nine times […]

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Scientists develops water based battery to store wind, solar energy

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a water based battery that could provide a cheap way to store wind or solar energy, which can be fed back into the electric grid and redistributed on high demand. The prototype manganese-hydrogen battery, described in the journal Nature Energy, stands just three inches tall and generates a mere […]

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Scientists at Stanford University shows how to create low-cost solar cells using nanotechnology

A team of scientists at Stanford University, including a researcher of Indian origin, has shown how nanotechnology can be used to create crystalline silicon (c-Si) thin-film solar cells that are more efficient at capturing solar energy. The discovery can reduce the cost of solar energy production globally, they noted. Dr Shrestha Basu Mallick, working with […]

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