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Renewables can achieve global climate, energy goals without damming the rivers: WWF

With thousands of hydropower dams planned across the globe, a new report from WWF and The Nature Conservancy demonstrates how the renewable energy revolution can solve the world’s climate and energy challenge without sacrificing its remaining free-flowing rivers and the diverse benefits they provide to people and nature. Launched on the eve of the World […]

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WWF, World Scouting join forces for a healthy planet

WWF and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) are deepening their collaboration to drive global awareness and action on nature and the environment, in recognition of the enormous challenges facing our planet and the important role of young people in creating a more sustainable world. Starting with Earth Hour, building mass awareness on […]

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Climate change has resulted in substantial reduction of the country’s coral cover and growth: WWF

Climate change has resulted in “substantial” reduction of the country’s coral cover and growth in the last two decades, according to conservation group WWF India which has stressed the need for formulating a “holistic” approach for their protection. It said the connectivity of India’s freshwater, coastal, offshore and marine systems must be taken into account when conserving such […]

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